Questions about Purgatory: Answered by the Saints

The writings and mystical experiences of the saints encourage us to sincerely repent of our sins and to do penance in this life so that we can limit or avoid purgatory altogether. Original Source: The Four Last Things: Good Catholic Digital Content Series Despite a great interest in purgatory among the faithful, the Church does not actually go into great detail about it in its official doctrine. The Church teaches us that purgatory is real; that it's needed for the temporal punishment of saved souls if penance during their life was insufficient; that this purification is accomplished through a purifying fire; and that these souls depend on our prayers to obtain heaven sooner. Aside from this

Why I Continue to Pray for My Deceased Son

Isn't he already in Heaven? My son died unexpectedly. It took him completely by surprise. Because of that, he did not have a chance to prepare or to do penance for his sins. That is where purgatory comes in and where I, as his mother, can do for him what he can no longer do for himself! It gives me joy to be able to help him this way. The following is from "Good Catholic - The Four Last Things:Journey of a Soul" - A study of God's revealed truth on the journey of a soul from death to eternity. It is excellent! Church Teaching on Purgatory All who die in the grace of God, yet still have sinful attachments at the time of their death, must have their souls completely cleansed by Christ before e

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