What the Church Teaches about Heaven

Every soul who has died in the love of God will enter heaven, either immediately after death or following a purification in purgatory. All souls will be perfectly happy in heaven, but some souls will enjoy a higher degree of happiness than others. We were made for happiness. God formed our being to naturally pursue His truth and goodness in this life until He brings it to perfect fulfillment in the next. He made us for Himself, and in heaven He will give Himself to us completely. “God in His infinite goodness has ordained man for a supernatural end, to participation, namely, in the divine goods which altogether surpass the understanding of the human mind, since ‘eye hath not seen, nor ear he

Free Will & Heaven

Even though we have been saved by Christ’s passion and death on the cross, we will not be able to enter heaven until we are fully able and willing not to sin and have learned how to completely align our will with God’s Will and doing only the good (not sin). It is very likely that our loved ones who have died did not understand this fully before they died and therefore are in need of our help to achieve the holiness necessary to enter heaven. They need to have reached the place of being "fully able and not willing to sin. ... Anyone who has not been completely freed from the tendency to sin is, to some extent, “unclean" and nothing unclean will enter heaven. Through repentance we gain the gr

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