The Prodigal Son - Another Perspective

Another way to see the parable of The Prodigal Son (see scripture passage below): The Father knew that the wayward son would have a lot to deal with in the future - the temporal consequences of his previous sinful choices that do not magically disappear when a person repents. This is one of the reasons why the father embraced him with so much love! He wanted to him to be very close to him so that when these consequences manifested, the son would stay close to the father so that they could deal with them together. It’s like that with us too. Just because we we repent doesn’t mean we don’t have to deal with the consequences of our sinful choices. But God will stay very close to us as we do pen

From SSA to Glory

Our crosses are used by God to give us the chance to live by Faith and so to increase our capacity to be filled with his love for all eternity - to increase the degree of glory we will enjoy in heaven. Do not rob people that experience SSA of the chance for God to use the cross they carry in this way. Do not dumb the Catholic Faith down to a natural level when God is offering them so much more! God will raise up great saints from those who are willing to deny themselves in this way! Do you know people who are dealing with Same Sex Attraction or confusion about their gender? Whatever you do, do not rob them of the chance to grow in grace and glory by advising them to put their cross down and

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